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Sign that should avoid traveling! High risk of an accident! Cristina Demetrescu, full predictions


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According to Cristina Demetrescu, a particular sign is fated to encounter misfortunes and corresponding issues. Some should refrain from traveling as they have a heightened chance of accidents.

Astrologer Cristina Demetrescu has unveiled the detailed astrological forecast for the early half of March. One sign is set to face hurdles, while others are cautioned.

As per Cristina Demetrescu’s astrological insights, the sign of Gemini will face significant challenges. Individuals of this sign may feel anxious about the health of someone close to them.

It would be beneficial for them to unwind a bit. One reason to do so is that their professional outlook will soon be brightening up thanks to certain circumstances.

„They are still in a phase where they might worry about their peace of mind, their health, their parents, their home. Gemini and Sagittarius are the most impacted by the strained Virgo-Pisces axis confronting the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The mutable signs are particularly marked during this time. However, there are good news on the professional front that will rejuvenate their optimism,” declares Cristina Demetrescu.

Cristina Demetrescu, stark warning for one zodiac sign

Cristina Demetrescu issues a stern warning to individuals born under the Cancer sign. These natives should avoid embarking on any journeys. They have a pronounced risk of accidents and illnesses.

They should also pay extra attention during job interviews and exams. Overcome your fears and stay focused on the tasks at hand to truly achieve desired outcomes.

„Cancerians should stay clear of traveling as it poses a risk of accident or sickness. They are apprehensive about interviews and tests; nevertheless, their overall prospects are strong, meaning they ought to rise above fear,” adds astrologer Cristina Demetrescu.

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